Fuel level meter

Model Number:   NKFL

304 Stainless steel bezel with flat glass

Working Voltage: 12/24v

Background light: Red

Protection grade: IP67 for front side, IP65 for back side


Fuel level meter NKFL

NKFL Fuel level
Fuel level gauges






Fuel level gauge suitable for all kinds of fuel sensors, and display the liquid level of the fuel tank, Use moving-magnet principle to drive the needle, featuring good endurance and anti-vibration.

Style: SS&BS, SS&BN, SS&WS

♦ Bezel Material: SUS304,Flat glass
♦ Installation Dimension: Φ52mm(2”)
♦ Installation: lock the gauge to baseboard directly by hand

♦ Connector:  Screw or terminal 
♦ Background light: Red
♦ Indicating Range: Empty- Full
♦ Working Voltage:12/24V
♦ Signal: 0~190Ω and 240~33Ω or customized
♦ Protection grade:IP7 for front side;IP5 for back side