NPM2758 24VDC Ceramic Capacitor Pressure Transmitter Sensor


Can be widely used for pressure measurement in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, power, etc.


NPM2758 24VDC Ceramic Capacitor Pressure Transmitter Sensor


NPM2758 Pressure Transmitter adopts Germany advanced Ceracore ceramic capacitor as measuring unit. It is the heart of pressure instrument and guarantees that the product  achieves economic, reliable and safe process control in the use of pressure instrument and customization. With the high elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, quick heat dissipation of ceramic, the transmitter has excellent heat stability, which can be normally used in the range of -40-125ºC with low temperature excursion. Meanwhile,  In the small range, overload capacity can reach dozens of times of full-scale, which totally solves the problems for the defective overloaded capacity for other transmitters. So it is very suitable for measuring micro pressure. Also, as the core of ceramic sensor is without any filling liquid, no process pollution produced, so it is widely used in food and medicine industries. If matches anti-corrosive shell, the product is also suitable for the measurement of strong acid and alkali corrosive mediums.

  • Made of high purified ceramic (99.99% Al2O3) , with strong corrosion resistance, chemical neutrality
  • Dry-type measurement unit without extending oil of transmission pressure, measurement unit resists vacuum absolutely
  • Excellent environment adaptability, intelligent static pressure and temperature compensation prevent the transmitter from the influence of temperature, static pressure and overload pressure to minimize the measuring error
  • Suitable for measuring micro pressure, the minimal range is 500Pa, high accuracy and high overload
  • Positive and negative pressure measurement


Measuring Medium Liquid, Gas, Steam
Pressure Range -100kPa…0~2kPa…7MPa
Pressure Type Gauge, Absolute
Accuracy ±0.2%FS(Representative); ±0.5%FS (Maximum)
Long-term Stability ±0.1%FS/year
Temperature Coefficient of Zero ±0.01%FS/ºC(Reference 25ºC)
Temperature Coefficient of Full Scale ±0.01%FS/ºC(Reference 25ºC)
Compensation Temp -20~80ºC
Medium Temp -40~125ºC
Supply Voltage 24VDC
Output Signal 4~20mADC with HART