NPM280 Digital Display Protective Pressure Transmitter


Can be widely used for pressure measurement in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, power, etc.


NPM280 Digital Display Protective Pressure Transmitter


NPM280 Protective Pressure Transmitter adopts high stable and reliable diffused silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as signal measuring element. It is processed through automatic testing and laser trimming to achieve wide temperature compensation. The product has stable and reliable performance because they all pass the strict testing and ageing testing. With field digital display, it is applied to the occasion of measuring pressure in the hostile working environment.

  • Aluminium alloy shell, ingress protection IP65
  • Field display, 4-20mADC signal output and other telecommunication signals
  • With polarity reversal protection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • Zero-scale and full-scale adjustable
  • Strong anti-jamming, long-term stability


Measuring Medium Liquid, Gas or Steam
Pressure Range -100kPa…0~1kPa…100MPa
Overload 1.5 times the full scale
Pressure Type Gauge, Absolute or Sealed Gauge
Accuracy ±0.25%FS(Representative); ±0.5%FS(Maximum)
Long-term Stability ±0.1%FS/year(Representative); ±0.2%FS/year(Maximum)
Temperature Coefficient of Zero ±0.03%FS/ºC(Reference 25ºC)
Temperature Coefficient of Full Scale ±0.03%FS/ºC(Reference 25ºC)
Working Temp -30~85ºC
Storage Temp -40~120ºC
Supply Voltage 24VDC(12~30V)
Output Signal 4~20mADC or Customization
Output Mode Two-wire, Three-tire
Load Resistance ≤(U-12)/0.02Ω
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, 500VDC
Protection of Shell IP65
Electrical Connection Dedicated Shield Cable 1.5 meters
Housing Material 304, 316L