NPM81 4-20mA Oil Fuel Sensor Explosion Proof Differential Pressure Transmitter


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NPM81 4-20mA Oil Fuel Sensor Explosion Proof Differential Pressure Transmitter


NPM81 Monocrystalline Silicon Differential Pressure Transmitter adopts Germany advanced MEMS technology to make the monocrystalline silicon core of sensor and global original monocrystalline twin beams suspension design to achieve the international leading functions of high accuracy, super high over voltage and stability. The built-in professional signal processing module can perfectly combine the static pressure compensation and temperature compensation and provide super high measuring accuracy and long-term stability under the wide range of static pressure and temperature change. NPM81 can accurately measure differential pressure and transfer it to 4-20mADC signal output. This product can be operated locally through three buttons or operated remotely via manual operator, configuration software and mobile APP. Without affecting the signal output, it also can display and configure.

  • High accuracy and high stability
  • Excellent environment suitability
  • Intelligent static pressure compensation and temperature compensation to prevent the transmitter from the effect of temperature, static pressure and over voltage and Control the comprehensive measuring error to the minimum
  • Flexible range of compression
  • Great operability and convenience
  • With 5 bit LCD digital display with backlight
  • Multiple display functions(mA,Pa,kPa, MPa,bar,mbar,%,psi,mmH2O)
  • Built-in three-button with quick operation and field adjustment functions
  • With various anti-corrosion materials
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostic function


Measuring Medium Liquid, Gas or Steam
Pressure Range -4MPa~4MPa
Output Signal 4~20mADC with HART
Permissible Load Resistance 0~600Ω(DC 24V)
Supply Voltage 10.5~45VDC (General Service), 10.5~26VDC (Intrinsic safety and explosion-proof)
Zero-scale Migration Within between -20% ~ 20% of maximum range
Ambient Temperature -40~+85ºC(normal);-20~+60ºC(explosion-proof); -10~+60ºC(when filled with fluorine oil)
Storage Temperature -40~90ºC
Accuracy TD  1:1…15:1      =±0.075%
TD>15:1             =±(0.0015×TD+0.053) %
Output Mode Linear output, square root output
Static Pressure Influence ±0.05% of range/10MPa
Overpressure Influence ±0.05% of  maximum range/10MPa
Stability ±0.05% of maximum range /12 months
Protection of Shell IP65