240-33 ohms Oil Level Gauge Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Liquid Level Sensor

  • Main body made with SUS304 material
  • Signal Output:  240~33Ω
  • Mounting Method:  SAE 5 Hole Mounting Pattern (NOT Equidistant)
  • Operating: 12V/24V, -40° F to + 185° F (-40° C to +85° C)
  • Length range: 100~2000mm,or custom manufacturing
  • For use in: Diesel, Fuel, Gasoline, Water, OEM Replacement


Oil Level Gauge Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Liquid Level Sensor for Truck


Water/oil tank liquid level sensor with lots of function, such as liquid level control, heating, oil suction, oil return, temperature alarm, fuel filter, balance box for air pressure and safety. Mainly used for oil/water/sewage continuous indication and alarm.


Effectively improve the comprehensive function of the tank system, and greatly reduces the cost of fuel tank system,also reducethe potential failures in construction, such as oil leakage, box deformation, explosion and other security risks.


Mainly used in liquid level detection and oil absorbing function for oil tank of heavy-truck.


Model NK-MS3-150/200 NK-MS5-200/300/260/400/500
  Standard   Non-standard   Standard   Non-standard
  Length   100~1500mm   Customization   100~1500mm   Customization
  Output signal   0~190Ω   Customization   0~190Ω   Customization
  240~33Ω   240~33Ω
  Equipment   BSP1 1/4″   BSP1 1/4″   SAE standard   SAE standard 5 holes
  method   5 holes   holes
  Seal ring   NBR   NBR   NBR   NBR
  Alarm   Non   Optional   Non   Optional
  Cable length   460/280mm   Customization   460/280mm   Customization